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5 Writing Skills For Bloggers Who Want To Boost Their Content Game

I’ve written for a living for close to a decade now, but I actually have very little to show for my years of experience. So now I’m scrambling, trying to understand my own craft better, and you know what? Let the first lesson be that you should learn about your job wayyyy before the one-decadeContinue reading “5 Writing Skills For Bloggers Who Want To Boost Their Content Game”


All the time, day and night,swallow thoughts, false and true.Second guess, wrong or rights,shed distress, old and new. Take a step, dark or light,make mistakes, one or two.Moon still shines, shades of bright,provides joys also blues. Follow paths, black and white,color in unseen views.Loving hearts hug and fight,decide to clear or fuse. Tie my heart,Continue reading “Both”

The Power of decision making

“More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. _Marcus Tullius Cicero When anyone has to take a decision, it’s a responsibility on him to take a decision which could be profitable in future and produce fruitful results. So, that’s how progression would become easier through making a right decision. But many a people get intoContinue reading “The Power of decision making”

10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, who will? And how can you love anyone else if you don’t first love yourself? These are valid questions. When someone doesn’t love themselves, we can tell. We can see it in their demeanor, their face, and their posture. We can hear it in their tone of voice and theContinue reading “10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself”

Hydration – Does It Really Matter?

It’s a glorious, sunny day here in Arizona.  But it’s dry.  Always dry.  As much as I dislike the humidity of the East Coast and the South, the dry cold (and heat) is a challenge for me as well.  So as I write, I’m hydrating by drinking a huge breakfast smoothie made with lots ofContinue reading “Hydration – Does It Really Matter?”

Power of Will and Belief – Healthy life !

Post COVID impact or I can say after pandemic I hear many stories where people complain about their health. I understand many of us have changed our lifestyle and not even stepped out of their house. But remember health is of top priority. I want to share few steps which we can use to improveContinue reading “Power of Will and Belief – Healthy life !”